EZ-Vap Wastewater Evaporation Products


Ready to start evaporating wastewater and reducing your hauling costs?  The easy to install, compact, electric or gas fired EZ-Vap wastewater evaporators from EZ Industrial Equipment evaporate 4 to 40 GPH and require minimal floorspace.  Learn more below.



Self-Priming Feed/Cleanout Pump

The 50 gpm self-priming centrifugal pump is used to fill the evaporator from a nearby feed tank or pit. Energized manually by a toggle switch on the control panel or automatically by the auto-fill system. Pump can also be used to empty the evaporator when used in conjunction with the 3-way valve and suction wand/hose assembly (suction wand sold separately). Heavy duty cast iron, 50 gpm, with 1/2 HP motor.

Auto-Fill Assembly_ Pump

Auto-Fill Assembly w/Pump

The EZ-Vap auto-fill assembly includes the components and controls to facilitate automatic filling of the evaporator. The EZ-Vap control panel will call for fill when the evaporator is at low level, and will turn off the heating system when the feed tank is empty. The auto-fill system uses a timed sequence to determine when the feed tank is empty so no level control is needed in the feed tank. Auto-fill assembly includes 3-way valve, centrifugal feed/cleanout pump, feed line piping, high level safety switch, and automation controls.


Suction Wand/Hose Assembly

Ergonomically designed rigid CPVC wand with 20' x 1" flexible vacuum hose used to pump water from a feed tote or tank into the evaporator and/or to vacuum concentrated liquid waste out of the evaporator.  Discharge end of hose connects to the inlet of a 1" centrifugal pump (pump sold separately) using an included quick disconnect cam and groove fitting.  Includes foot valve and strainer on hose inlet.  

HT-50 drum_edited_edited

EZ-DF3000 Defoamer - 5 Gal. Pail

5 gallon pail of defoamer. Add to feed tank or evaporator tank as needed to control foaming.

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