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1" feed isolation valve to be installed upstream of your evaporator feed pump to prevent gravity draining from feed tank into evaporator tank.  The EZ-Vap control system will open the valve whenever it energizes the feed pump.  


Note:  this is an air actuated valve which requires a compressed air supply to actuate the valve.  EZ Industrial recommends air actuated valves over electric because electric valves (without battery backup) will fail in the open position which could lead to an overflow of evaporator, whereas an air actuated valve will fail in the closed position.  


  • 1" spring close
  • Air actuated:  50-60 psi shop air required
  • 120VAC solenoid
  • 316SS ball and body

Feed Isolation Valve - Air Actuated, SS - EZ P/N 2002159

SKU: 2002159
  • All sales are final.  Contact EZ Industrial support if you have any questions about application of components prior to purchasing items.  

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