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Ergonomically designed rigid CPVC wand with 20' x 1" flexible vacuum hose used to pump water from a feed tote or tank into the evaporator and/or to vacuum concentrated liquid waste out of the evaporator.  Discharge end of hose connects to the inlet of a 1" centrifugal pump (pump sold separately) using an included quick disconnect cam and groove fitting.  Includes foot valve and strainer on hose inlet.    


  • Hose/wand temperature limits:  -10F to 130F
  • Hose:  Vacuum rated PVC
  • Wand:  Rigid CPVC


*Tote shown in photo for context only, tote not included with assembly

EZ-Vap Suction Hose/Wand Assembly

SKU: 2000HW1
  • All sales are final. Contact EZ Industrial support if you have any questions about application of components prior to purchasing items.  

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