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Evaporator Selection Tool


Determine the total volume of wastewater that you generate per month.  Divide this number by the number of days per month that you plan to operate the evaporator.  Divide that number by the number of hours per day that you staff your facility.  This will give you a gallon per hour evaporation capacity that you need to meet.

Gas Fired EZ-Vap

15 GPH

Evaporation capacity of 15 gallons/hr

Gas Fired EZ-Vap

25 GPH

Evaporate capacity of 25 gallons/hr 

Gas Fired EZ-Vap

40 GPH

Evaporation capacity of 40 gallons/hr

*Evaporation rate is based on tap water after reaching a boil.  Evaporation rate may vary depending on altitude, ambient temperature and humidity, solids buildup on evaporator surfaces, boiling point elevation, exhaust stack configuration, off-spec power supply or gas pressure, characteristics of wastewater, etc.

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